Adoriasoft took over the creation of the components allowing FaceRig to work as a Windows desktop app and enabling the recording and streaming functions.


Privileged Access Management

Adoriasoft team created a solution allowing to control and restrict server access and monitor its operation.


Encrypted Cloud Storage

Adoriasoft developed an encrypted cloud storage where any user could easily secure their data.


Adoriasoft was requested to develop the blockchain part of the open-banking platform that provides a single API for multiple European banks. Via such an API, all participating banks can aggregate data and perform direct payments with a smart token.


Save Pharmaceutical

Adoriasoft developed a distributed application for the pharmaceutical industry on top of Hyperledger Besu.


Blockchain-based KYC System

The system we built is a network of nodes with strict privacy rules and protection from copying or changing the information.


Cryptocurrency exchange

Adoriasoft is working on building a cryptocurrency exchange for trading crypto derivatives and Bitcoin futures.



AGOPOLIS is a decentralized music & social networking platform, powered by utility token-based smart contracts for transactions. The platform provides groundbreaking innovations for its citizens to connect across the world in real time, while providing independent music & vocal artists of all genres a much needed solution for self-exposure.


Gold mining corporation

Adoriasoft created a tracking, accounting and auditing system for gold mining process. The blockchain technology is used at all stages – from prospecting to ingot production.

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