Information Security for Enterprises

Information is your greatest asset, so keep it secure

1. Why is information security important?

Today, information security is a must for any company that is willing to protect their internal information. Cyberthreats are getting increasingly advanced and sophisticated, and to remain secure, companies need to constantly update their protection measures.

We can help businesses evaluate their current security status and provide recommendations for its improvement. Looking at your security mechanisms with a “fresh eye” may help to identify possible shortcomings.


2. Which information security services do we provide?

  • Code review. For companies producing their own software,
    it is critical to ensure that their product is protected from outside attacks and that it can guarantee the security of the company’s and its customers’ data. We offer review of the existing code to identify possible vulnerabilities
  • Infrastructure security audit. For businesses using third-party software providers, we offer audit of their entire networks including hardware, local software, cloud resources, hosting platforms, traffic and the general security culture in the company
  • Blockchain security audit. For blockchain-based enterprise networks, our experts can audit node configuration, permission system, smart contracts
  • Comprehensive security audit report. Based on the audit results, we issue a complete report describing the security status of all system components and identifying any vulnerabilities. The repost always includes recommendations on resolving the detected issues and improvement suggestions
  • Security monitoring system installation and setup.
    Our engineers can install an enterprise-scale monitoring system or adjust the existing one to effectively track all security-related activities, such as unusual traffic loads, bulk downloads to external storages, credentials mismanagement
  • Security culture audit and training. Proceeding from the audit results, our experts hold training sessions for the enterprise personnel on implementing security measures on the routine basis. The training usually covers general information security concepts, authentication methods including multi-factor authentication, data storage and sharing rules, ways to protect corporate data outside the security perimeter


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