Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence is swiftly stepping out of sci-fi movies into the real world, its advantages being used in many industries. Neural networks are used to solve complex tasks by leveraging their massive analytical and automation capacity. AI extends and complements human intelligence allowing to create unique, powerful synergies of man and machine.

AI development and its sub-discipline, Machine Learning, carry great potential both for theoretical knowledge accumulation and its practical applications. AI and ML find their way to lots of business solutions in multiple industries to bring their performance to a new level.

1. What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

AI is a field of science focused on finding ways for machines to resolve problems by processes resembling those in the human brain. Machine Learning, in its turn, assists machines in learning independently, from their experience, and using the knowledge they gained in the process.

Any AI system is only as good as the knowledge it uses. And it’s up to humans, scientists and researchers, to kickstart the learning process by providing the right data. In creating AI networks, ML experts use special algorithms to make the machine process the data it is being fed and establish certain features and patterns, both with and without human supervision.


2. What can AI bring to businesses?

  • Low error rate. If the decision-making process is AI-assisted, the chance of “human error” is reduced literally to zero.
  • High availability. AI networks work 24/7 performing their calculations at a steady high rate.
  • Deep analytical capacity. Due to its high processing power, AI can establish patterns and detect similarities that the human brain cannot register.
  • High degree of automation. AI networks can significantly increase the performance of various products by taking over multiple tasks including repetitive ones.

3. Where can you implement
AI solutions?



Artificial Intelligence for image recognition can be used in diagnostics. Analyzing multiple examples of test results, CAT scans, X-ray scans, photos, and other materials, AI can detect even the smallest similarities and differences in the data it receives and provide diagnosis with unprecedented precision.


AI is used in various recommender systems analyzing the customer’s previous shopping behavior and creating precisely tailored personalized suggestions. A smartly trained AI recommender system can increase an eCommerce business conversion rate and the overall sales rate considerably.


AI systems trained for voice recognition can become core components of smart home networks connecting multiple devices controlled by voice commands. AI-based personal assistants are also becoming increasingly popular.


The superb analytical capacity of AI networks is recognized by trading platforms. Based on massive historical data, AI can build predictions and forecast trends suggesting the most optimal investment opportunities. High performance and ability to detect the smallest details allow AI to achieve unique precision.

Customer service

AI can become a true member of a customer service team in the form of an intelligent bot. AI-based bots can be built for speech recognition or text recognition to carry either voice or text conversations. Such chatbots can be the first line of customer support taking over the initial customer contact and making the decision on either resolving the problem or transferring the chat to a competent human agent.


4. How can we help you build an AI system?

Adoriasoft’s experienced data scientists and researchers can support your AI project from the planning stage to deployment. We offer the following services:



  • Feasibility evaluation. Based on your vision and expected business goals, we can evaluate the effect of AI implementation on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Machine Learning and neural network design. ML is the most important and delicate part of AI implementation. Our experts will create datasets or suggest publicly available ones that suit your purpose. We can train the network to recognize certain features or configure it for unsupervised learning.
  • Dataset preparation. Our team can analyze the datasets you are planning to use in your ML process and adapt them to achieve the best possible results.
  • AI development. Our developers can build and deploy complete AI systems using the properly configured datasets and algorithms.

5. Technologies

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