Gold mining corporation

Adoriasoft created a tracking, accounting and auditing system for gold mining process. The blockchain technology is used at all stages – from prospecting to ingot production. A multi-level permission system allows providing the information on the need-to-know basis and ensures complete control over the workflow and working schedule, detection of deviations from the established routines and prevention of malicious intents at the mining site The stakeholders can obtain real-time reports on the mining results. In future, after collecting a sufficient amount of data, the developers consider applying ML to predict gold output based on prospecting results, location, soil etc.

Technology Stack

  • GO


  • Python


The tracking and auditing system uses blockchain for storing and processing the data obtained from various IoT devices working at the mining field. The product applies blockchain encryption algorithms and immutable data storages allowing to maintain true real-time data on all aspects of the mining operation. The private blockchain infrastructure is created with the focus on enabling strict permission policies and restrict access to sensitive data.

business needs

The blockchain-based system achieved the level of security and transparency that is appropriate for such a sensitive operation as gold mining. Blockchain is used for timestamping the collected records, storing immutable records, and generating transparent real-time reports. With the implementation of blockchain-driven tracking and audit, the risks of a gold-mining business can be significantly reduced.


Gold mining corporation

Adoriasoft created a private distributed storage of data for the supply chain and gold mining operation, a mobile application with different access levels for managers, engineers, operators and investors. Each role was associated with a special access and transparency level. The mining process became more predictable and transparent for all stakeholders. The controllers received real-time reports from each mining site which made auditing and management easier and less time consuming. Immutable records guarantee data consistency and prevent any changes.

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