Team’s Dedication, Professionalism & Expertise Is a Constant Behind Adoriasoft’s Steady Success – Says Vlad Kostanda

Incepted in 2010, Adoriasoft is a custom solutions provider based in Las Vegas. It develops software products for startups and mid-size companies. The developers build software from scratch and strive…

Adoriasoft joins Hyperledger

We are proud to announce that Adoriasoft has officially joined ​Hyperledger as a General Member. We see this as a great challenge and a great opportunity at the same time….

Hyperledger Smart Contracts – A New Way to Go

Hyperledger Smart Contracts seem such a genius invention that you may wonder why nobody thought about them before. They are a ridiculously simple method of executing transactions between any parties…

What Are Consensus Algorithms? The Ultimate Guide

Consensus is the foundation of any distributed network, blockchain included. Distributed networks are, in fact, a random number of random nodes that should work towards achieving a common goal. With…

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