retail app development

Retail app development is a necessary part of any retail business today. Every big retail business like Macy’s or Urban Outfitters has its own retail mobile app. Small- and medium-sized retailers are also in a hurry to join the trend of retail app development. Why do you need a mobile app for your retail business? The answer is obvious – continuous exponential growth of mobile Internet consumption. Let’s look at 3 more reasons for retail stores to consider retail app development right now.

Reason #1. Retail App Development for Staying Competitive

All over the world consumers use mobile retail apps to do preliminary product search. Consequently they go shopping to the stores which have their mobile retail apps up and running. Moreover, recent studies by Apptentive showed that 55% of consumers use retail mobile apps while they are in stores.The opportunity to browse products in the apps has been around for enough time for a large number of consumers to get accustomed to the channel. Thus today consumer experience with retail apps is evolving, which results in more and more people buying products in apps wherever they are.

Successful retail businesses have understood the pros of mobile app development a decade ago. Now developing a retail mobile app is not a luxury, but a necessity. In order to stay competitive in today’s world companies employ the tech trends that have proven to generate a steady growing income. The most progressive ones already reap harvests of profitably employing machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques in their retail apps. Personalized user in-app scenarios and virtual assistants help to achieve better customer satisfaction than before.

Reason #2.  Retail App Development for Increasing Brand Loyalty

Running loyalty programs using special coupons, rewards and freebies is very convenient via mobile apps. Moreover, due to many advantages that mobile environment provides it is perfectly suitable for rewarding customers for their purchasing activity. A simple coupon for a rather small yet exclusively in-app discount can do wonders and give a customer an important sense of exclusivity. Such introductory special discount has proved to skyrocket sales from mobile apps of many large retailers. So it would be a shame for small- and middle-sized companies not to use this powerful tactic.

Using a mobile app a retail brand can address its consumers at any convenient time and place for them. Additionally, a retail business can initiate meaningful conversations and consultations of consumers using artificial intelligence chatbots. Consumers thus are more inclined to engage in personalized conversations and interact with the brand via retail mobile apps. All in all, a retail mobile app is a completely beneficial channel as it can help to promote a brand not just in stores, but on the territory of consumers.

Reason #3.  Retail App Development for Retaining Customers

Using retail mobile apps is fun and very convenient for customers. For businesses having their mobile app as one of the strategic distribution channels may be beneficial if used wisely. A retail mobile app with the built-in effective loyalty program can help not just to gain new customers. It can also increase and maximize the lifetime value of app users for the business. 

The retail businesses who have already recognized the power of mobile apps also support and promote in-app customers’ content. Companies encourage app users to leave feedback about their products. Then they can use such product reviews to easily create a community of brand evangelists. Brand evangelists are customers who eagerly and effortlessly promote company products to friends, family and complete strangers.

Great retail mobile apps provide a slick mobile experience and give a room for constantly improving cx (customer experience) design. The better a mobile experience is, the simpler it is to retain customers and have them interact with the mobile app of the brand on a regular basis. So an optimized cx design is the key to any successful retail app development venture. There’s a variety of mobile apps today. If an app doesn’t meet customers’ expectations they abandon it in favor of something better. So it’s of prime importance for businesses to create a splendid mobile user experience and a customer experience using their retail service in general.

Wrapping up…

If you own a small or medium-sized retail business you can take it to the next level with effective retail app development. Experienced mobile app developers can help you achieve optimal results in creating the best iOS or Android retail app for you. Already have a retail mobile app, but don’t get the profit desired? Experts in launching a beneficial loyalty program may help you with that and much more. So don’t think twice and consider ordering retail app development right now! Contact Adoriasoft experts in retail app development to get instant estimation of your project.